Pen Mill Infant and Nursery Academy

St Michael's Avenue, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 4LD

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Pen Mill Infant and Nursery Academy School Ethos and Core values.

Nurturing and inspiring confidence, curiosity and creativity.


At Pen Mill Infant and Nursery Academy School we have a strong belief in children needing to feel safe and supported to achieve their full potential. We want our children to be involved in their own learning and have the curiosity and confidence to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Pen Mill Core Values:



Nurture and kindness

Mutual respect



Lifelong learners

Why are values important?

Values are important because they:

  • Help society form thoughts, words and actions.
  • Help people to grow and develop.
  • Help to create the future that people want to experience.
  • Values are who you are even when no one is watching.


British Values embedded in the school curriculum include:


  • Circle time- encouraging children to listen to everyone
  • Activities that include turn-taking and sharing
  • Encourage children to question
  • Children making choices during independent play


Rule of Law

  • Classrooms rules discussed/shared
  • Supporting children understand how their actions affect others
  • Have clear expectations for all children, and consequences
  • Encourage positive behaviour using behaviour management techniques


Individual Liberty

  • Giving children a choice in their learning on the Learning Board
  • Talking to children about their own abilities
  • Allow children to take part in risky play
  • Circle Time- allow children to have their own say and opinion in circle-time activities


Mutual Respect and Tolerance

  • Encourage children to explain their own and others behaviour
  • Reading non-stereotyped stories
  • Philosophy 4 Children sessions in which we talk about a wide range subjects
  • Talk about special celebrations- Christmas, birthdays, etc.


At Pen Mill Infant and Nursery Academy, we strive to help our pupils be the best that they can be and achieve high. We have positive expectations of our pupils and they work hard and behave well when they are at school. All adults within the school are excellent role models and give the children opportunities to practise, apply and reflect on these core skills.