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Cygnet & Swans Class - Nursery

Nursery Teachers

Mrs S Chamberlain 

Mrs L Cullen 


Nursery Assistant

  Mrs J Croucher

  and Mrs L Wiggins


A very warm welcome to Cygnet & Swan Class 


Spring update - Cygnet Class 

In cygnet class we have been looking at the book Walter’s web which shows us all different shapes. The children are so good at recognising lots of the different shapes. We used this as an activity which saw us sticking the different coloured shapes on the spiders web.

We have had lots of different paints out to make the most wonderful paintings, this surely has brightened up our January.

  This half term we have also joined up with swan class on Fridays to start forest school. The children loved going out onto the icy field  listening to the crunch under their wellies.  

We have been looking at the book Freddie gets dressed, the children have loved getting dressed up and even getting our resident nursery doll dressed with pants, socks, tops and trousers.

Spring update - Swan Class 

Brrrrrr it has been cold outside, particularly for our small hands and feet. However it was a true delight to explore  the transformation of water into ice. We were so excited to step outside and find that the ice was rock hard, slippery under our feet and full of tiny air bubbles that we could explore.

 We spent time exploring ice with all of our senses, touch, sight and even taste…it was very cold on our tongues!

Our weekly forest school trip to the field is so much fun, we wear our wellies and take a walk around to look at the beautiful place we come to school each day. Our school field is full of wonderful things to see and hear, the daffodils, whilst early, are peeping through and the birds sound lovely when we stop and listen for a few moments.


Some of us have  discovered the small hill and have been very happy to get muddy rolling down it…. sorry parents and carers!

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears has been one of our well learnt texts, it was very busy making porridge for everyone as

Goldilocks kept on eating baby bears.

The Gingerbread Man has also been another well rehearsed text and we have thought about the characters in the story carefully.

The fox must have very much enjoyed eating the Gingerbread Man, just as much as we did after our forest school session on Friday….delicious.




Cygnet class will be learning through a variety of adult led and child led opportunities. You will be able to see all the exciting things we get up to on tapestry log in and check it out!