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Read Write Inc.

The Phonics scheme we use for EYFS and KS1 is Read Write Inc. 


Early reading starts with phonics.

At Pen Mill Infant and Nursery Academy, we use Read Write Inc as a Government approved systematic phonics program.

Children are taught phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (visual representations using letters). They are taught single phonemes and then taught to blend single sounds together to be able to read words. Children only have reading books when they can decode the sounds that they have learnt and then books are carefully matched to their decode ability. Over time and as their repertoire of phonemes increases the complexity of reading book/text increases until they are a fluent decoder.

Read Write Inc have produced some useful parent tutorials so parents can learn all about how to support their child as they learn with Read Write Inc. Phonics. the tutorials provide detailed ideas and advice on pronouncing pure sounds, blending, and digraphs (where a sound/phoneme is made up of 2 letters e.g ay)