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Owl Class - Year 2

Class Teachers 

Mrs E Ashworth

Mrs K Norman 

         Class TA's

            Miss E McCormack



A very warm welcome to Owl Class

September 2023


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Please click on the Phonics Play picture to visit Real + Alien Words Game as played in the Inspire Sessions  

ROAM Outdoor Activity Centre 

What an amazing day Owl class had on their visit to Roam  Outdoor Activity Centre.

They made fantastic weatherproof shelters and decorated material using nature’s colours.

The highlight for most of the children was the fire lighting, which included roasting extra-large marshmallows

FLAG Pen Mill Celebrated the Eurovision Song Contest  FLAG

We celebrated Eurovision at School this week !

We found out about the history of Eurovision and looked at songs from the past .

In owl class we learnt the song ‘Save all your kisses for me ‘ by Brotherhood of Man , it won in 1976.

We also found out about France, we made Eiffel towers and tasted croissants.

On Friday we had a Eurovision Assembly, each class performed their song and then Mrs. Manning collected the votes from each country .

Poland won our Pen Mill Eurovision.

France France

King Charles III Coronation Day Celebrations  - Friday 5th May 2023 

Today as a whole school we celebrated the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III.

We dressed up in red, white and blue, made crowns, sang songs, coloured in pictures, played games and had a wonderful lunch fit for Royalty out on the school playground. 

Author visit - Martin Brown 

On Monday the 24th April, we had a very exciting visit to St Michaels Academy to see the author and illustrator Martin Brown. He told us all about the new books he had written called Nell and the Cave Bear.

Martin told us that we could all draw and he showed us some little tricks he uses when he is drawing  

Martin Brown also read us some extracts from the books he has written and left us wanting to know what was going to happen next.

Rich Parker - Olympic Athlete 

On Monday 24th April, a GB inline skater called Rich Parker visited the school.

In owl class, we were very lucky because Mrs Warnes brought in her collection of Olympic Memorabilia and we were able to see gold medals and felt how heavy they are.

When we arrived in the hall Rich Parker gave us four exercises to do for a minute,

we were all exhausted at the end of four minutes but we also had a lot of fun.

Carymoor visit  

Last week we had a fantastic visit from Gary and Sophie from Carymoor Environmental Trust. They taught us all about the 3 R’s: recycle, reuse and reduce.  

We enjoyed learning the Bananas song in assembly and were amazed to discover that rubbish can be used to create electricity. 

In our workshop we became Eco pirates, we played recycling games and learnt how materials can be reused,

we liked the pencil case made from reused car tyres!! 

Carymoor visit 1

 What a wonderful Inspire session we had!!

The children were inspired by the story of ‘Duffy’s Great Escape’ and reused ‘rubbish’ to create some amazing sea creatures.

Inspire 1 Inspire 2 Inspire 3 Inspire 4

Paper aeroplanes flew through the air, although we think that next time we need to supply Mrs Davies with a helmet!

Inspire 5 Inspire 6 Inspire 7 Inspire 8

 children enjoyed making their egg-shell cress heads and we have enjoyed seeing the photos of the Cress heads hair growing on Seesaw.

The children in year 2 have used multimedia to create environmental messages. 

Please click here to view the Environmental Animations 


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